UK’s First Peace and Reconciliation Forum

UK\’s First Peace & Reconciliation Forum

This is UK’s Truth & Reconciliation Forum. However, merely banning the Islam4UK Islamist group will neither stop these groups re-grouping as they have done a number of times before nor will it stop them from acting radically against Britain.
The way to address this menace and threat is to eradicate it – by removing the anti-British, exclusive, non-integrative, discriminatory and dangerous elements from our society by deporting those who could be and should be not here. I say this without fear or favour knowing full well that the Milton Keynes North constituency now has Wolverton with a very large Pakistani immigrant population in it.

Those who wish to remain in the UK peacefully and responsibly and contribute to its social, Faith and health economy are more than welcome equal stakeholders in that august enterprise. Those who wish only to disrupt, damage and destroy the civic society must be removed forthwith. I expect the Leaders of all Muslim Groups to stand up equally without fear or favour in, unequivocally, denouncing and disowning such groups. There is no other option

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