Inequalities, child & elder poverty has increased under New Labour since 1997

Inequalities, child & elder poverty has increased under New Labour since 1997

This is another whitewash. Pardon the implied racism in this comment. I have held the mirror at various Govt Ministers including the previous disgraced Communities Sec, one Hazel Blears, on increased inequalities, increased child and elder poverty, increased unfairness in social housing allocations, increased social immobility, increased anti-social behaviour, increased cost to the local council dealing with ASB, increased unfairness in criminal justice system, increased taxation burden on low income families, increased burden on housing and other benefits through increased unchecked and uncontrolled illegal immigration and the list goes on since New Labour came in May 1997.

This is a whitewash just before the Govt’s another incompetent Equalities Bill by none other than the just ‘let-off ex-solicitor general’ & Minister for Women & Equalities Harriet Harman. Say no more!

John Denham should put on lavender colour like the Avatar Na’ vis a vis and try looking for a job, a house or a place to rent and see what his experience teaches him about racism.

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