Labour’s level playing field?

“We cannot go on like this. In the Economic mess, partially of my creation, ahem, everybody is now disadvantaged – may be not equally, [sic]” “But we are getting there. My Darling’s taxing the rich until the pips squeak will establish some semblance of equal disadvantage – although not entirely [sic] for the non-doms in Belize and other tax heavens that we’ve created, ahem.” “Anyway, if you’re Browned off – you have a go – waste your resources – for the next government is already decided by the floating and undecided voters who in the privacy of the ballot enclosure invariably vote for the devil they know; ha…ha…ha…ha”

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Filed under British Colonial Obligations, British Politics, Community cohesion, Corruption, Credible Electoral Governance, Credible Political Governance, Diversity, Equality, Global Credibility, Government Culpability, Race Realtions [Amendment] Act 2000, Social Justice

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