Jazz legend Johnny Dankworth dies aged 82

Jazz legend Johnny Dankworth [of Milton Keynes] dies aged 82

It is very sad to see BBC avoiding the recognition of Milton Keynes as the location that this giant of Jazz chose to live and establish ‘the Stables’ as if somehow the relatively new ‘city’ of Milton Keynes would not quite compliment the age old popularity of this legend in the same way as mentioning Wavendon, Buckinghamshire may.

Having got that out my system, this is a great loss to the entire World but especially Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Sir John was true to his ‘Dharma’ his true inherent self, following the path of Jazz as an art form serving the global community with his best in co-ordination with his wife Dame Cleo Laine. His Atma [soul] is destined to attain Moksha, Nirvana or Salvation and rest in eternal peace.


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