Hindu Funeral Rights & Wrongs

Hindu Funeral Rights & Wrongs

As opposed to what was mentioned in the news about the alleged benefit of open funeral pyres, it is NOT necessary for this last rites [the sixteenth Samskaar] to take place ONLY in this manner so as to release the soul or Atma to its natural evolutionary journey.
I have opposed this nonsense for several reasons including the green reasons. I will release the full debate after consultation on this matter as I feel that the rational spiritual, sciential and humanistic side of Sanatana Dharma is being subdued by irrational & self-centred priestly lobby.

The article states:” A spokesman said: “However, the judgment goes on to state that the difficulties which may be thrown up by planning and public health legislation, should an application be submitted, have not been considered as part of this judgment. “Furthermore, the method of burning associated with funeral pyres is not covered by any regulations which currently only apply to cremators powered by gas or electricity which are designed to maintain environmental standards, in particular air quality.

I may, after consultations, release the essence of the very engrossing debate that is bound to enlighten the minds that seek the truth. So watch this space.


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