The futility, insincerity & emptiness of Party Political Pretence


The futility, insincerity & emptiness of Party Political Pretence

hol·low [ hóllō ]

adjective  (comparative hol·low·er, superlative hol·low·est)

1. not solid: having empty space inside
a hollow tree trunk
2. concave: sunk deep into the surface of something
3. not full-toned: resonating or echoing as if in an empty space
a hollow, booming sound
4. insincere: not sincere or genuine
a hollow laugh
5. meaningless: lacking meaning or substance
a hollow victory
6. hungry: having the feeling of an empty stomach

The Hollow Men, a poem (1925) by U.S.-born British writer T. S. Eliot. One of Eliot’s most pessimistic works, it depicts a barren, ghostly land peopled by soulless beings. Its imagery and concern with the sterility of modern civilization link it to “The Waste Land,” but in “The Hollow Men” the message, conveyed in short lines and repetitive phrases, is more direct and bereft of any hope of redemption. The oft-quoted words “This is the way the world ends/ Not with a bang but a whimper” come from this poem.

Perhaps the electoral & democratic clean up will end the ‘The futility, insincerity & emptiness of Party Political Pretence’ in the similar way.

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