UK student visa system fraud exposed

UK student visa system fraud exposed

Within Camden Housing & Adult Social Care, I have found that very doubtful applicants for housing and then to Pathways to hosts of welfare rights benefits, training, education etc are allocated housing because they have higher points as compared to existing Council tenants, residents and their children.

In one case a young Angolan boy travelled all the way from Angola to Britain seeking asylum at the age of 16. He was given a 1 bedroom ground floor flat adapted for a disabled applicant because the Occupational Therapist of the Council did not have any disabled applicant at the time to nominate!

In another case a 20-year-old Afghanistani boy arrived in UK by ‘walking’! He was allocated a recently modernised flat with a new kitchen, bathroom suite, CCTV, security etc. Upon enquiries it transpired that his Asylum expired 3 years ago! He, naturally appealed. He has yet to hear from ind [Immigration & Nationality Dept] of the Home Office. Even if his Asylum may be rejected, we as the local authority may never know. Whose negligence is it?

There are innumerable such examples of fraud permitted to flourish due to sheer incompetence of the Govt Depts. This is yet another example.

It seems I am attuned to and slightly ahead og the Government’s propensity to, now, grab adverse headlines. See the latest admission: 26/02/2010

UK Border Agency asylum case target ‘unachievable’

A key Home Office target of dealing with 90% of asylum applications within six months is \”unachievable\”, an independent watchdog has warned.

The illegal immigrant working for Baroness Scotland is only one high-profile incompetence & negligence. Illegals have been working in Border Security and other National Security Services! Surprised? Don’t be.

There are more than 100,000 long-term Asylum cases still unresolved due not to back log but due to incompetence, indecision and inertia.

Having rendered the system impotent for the last 13 years, Labour are making empty promises to clean up their act ‘soon’. Watch this space.

01/03/2010 As I have said I am attuned a little ahead of the Government’s propensity to make [adverse] headlines.

See their timely output about increasing child migrant from Afghanistan. Phil Woolas is trying to pull wool over their beedy eyes on Britain. You decide for yourself as to why Britain rather than Turkey, Iran or Europe is their first target?

Afghan child migrant numbers on rise

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