Further to my earlier entry  Is-rael is-real executive force in western Party Politics

Today’s Channel 4 News state:

Krishnan here, sorry this is late, but I have just been interviewing David Miliband on the sensational revised ruling of three of the country’s senior judges with regards to what the security services knew about the torture of Guantanamo detainee Binyam Mohamed.
The judges have accused MI5 of having an interest in the suppression of information about how Mr Mohamed was treated. They have concluded from that that the statements of the government and the Foreign Secretary with regard to it must therefore be open to question. They have said that officials in MI5 appear to have a “dubious record” when it comes to discussing their involvement in the treatment of Mr Mohamed.
This is essentially because MI5 told the Intelligence and Security Committee (the handpicked MPs who oversee our intelligences services) in 2005 that they had nothing to do with torture or inhumane treatment… but then later had to admit that some officials did in fact know something of the way Mr Mohamed was being treated by the Americans.
Mr Miliband has just been telling me why he thinks the judges are wrong, but rejects calls for an independent inquiry to settle the matter, and insists he strongly believes what he was told by the people with whom he works closely within the security services.
So we are left with an unsatisfactory situation, the government and judges in disagreement and, as things stand, the matter will never be resolved one way or another.
This is precisely why we need to ability get rid of dodgy Ministers and ask for a referendum

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