How Labour’s pervasive & pernicious incompetence caused chaos in the Whitehall & Local Authorities?

The courts are allowing the mother of Khyra Ishaq to plead guilty to manslaughter, although she was charged with the murder of her daughter by starvation. It is a horrific case and calls into question whether Birmingham social services did anything like enough to ensure that a child who had been taken away from school for six months was in a safe and developing circumstance. The judge in the case, Mrs Justice King, thinks not, saying in her judgement: “On the evidence before the court I can only conclude that in all probability had there been an adequate initial assessment and proper adherence by the educational welfare services to its guidance, K would not have died.”
Despite the urging of the school from which she was absented, social services only visited once, and never again. Birmingham has now apologised for failing to save the little girl. Jane Deith reports on the life of the little girl who starved to death, and the missed opportunities to intervene.
Jamie Bulger case 1993, Victoria Climbie, Laurent Wright, Baby P, plus numerous other tragic cases since. This – is the symptomatic of the pervasive, pernicious and endemic incompetence from Whitehall to Town Hall.
Child abuse \’lessons not learnt\’ George Meehan Labour Council Leader in Haringey worked with me in Kentish Town District Housing Office over 13 years ago.

‘Outrage’ at child protection failings

Inquiry after child killed Laurent enquiry demanded


Can ministers learn to avoid policy howlers?

Some experts believe what is needed is fewer policies

Why is it these ‘Experts’ say that as a hind-sight? Like I have said common-sense is quite uncommon these days especially in the Westminster Villagers’ visage.

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