Tories’ stories – pervasive incompetence – just façade

The futility, insincerity & emptiness of Party Political Pretence

“How can they be so hopeless?” wondered Poly Toynbee in The Guardian. With “along-in-the-tooth Govt lead a singularly most unpopular PM” the Tories should be coasting to victory. Yet David Cameron & his party are proving “breathtakingly incompetent at seizing an election that is being handed to them on a platter. [In my view that is an audacious assumption given the uncertainly of the electorate behaviours].  One by one, core policies that would be fire proof have turned flammable – last week, a Swedish expert revealed that the “free schools” the Tories used as their model for education redorm haven’t actually improved standards in Sweden. Meanwhile, a cornered Cameron, having worked so hard detoxifying his nasty party  has resorted to to unexpected nastiness himself – playing dirty politics over care for the elderly for example.

It was finacial crisis that blew Cameron off course, said the Times. He won the leadership by presenting himself as “the very model of a modern Conservative” – concerened about the poor, inequality and the environment. That was all fine in good times. But with the recession he faced a paradox. If he continued to talk soft, he’d appear out of touch with economic reality, and enrage the Tory Right. If he talked tough, he’s remind the voters why they’d abandoned the Tories in the first place.

It doesn’t help that his party is not fully behind him. As is ofeten the case, the  project to rehabilitate the Tories has been led by the man at the top and a small clique around him. Many MPs feel aggrieved by being excluded from his inner circle and there is discontent amongst the grass roots too.

Only last week there was an ugly spat in Westrminster North, sparked by resentment about Cameron’s centrally imposed candidate Joanne Cash, a well-connected barrister [déjà vu?]. Her habit of dropping Dave’s name into her twitter postings irrittaed party activists, said Mellisa Kite in The Sunday Telegraph. But what really riled them is that, despite breaking a cardinal rule by getting involved in a fight with her constituency chairman, Cash has retained the support of Tory central office. In Cameron’s party, it seems, there’s “one rule for his mates and another for everyone else.”

Latest: Reform states: 26/02/2010


As election polls show that the Conservative lead has dropped to a two-year low, the possibility that no party will command a majority increases. In preparation for an inconclusive victory, cabinet secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell gave evidence to the Commons justice committee on the constitutional procedures, while Labour’s Peter Hain was quick to call for tactical voting.

01/03/2010 Conservative donor and deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft has admitted he does not pay UK tax on earnings outside Britain.

David Cameron, George Osborne [whose brother has been convicted of fraud in prescription issuing as a medical professional],  William Hague who had given him Peerage without strings have for the last ten years dodged and avoided questions about this Peers loyalty towards Britain and tax liabilities from all interviewers on TV. Lord Ashcroft has been the main funder of the Conservative Party which will be funding the Conservative Candidate against me in Milton Keynes as it is a marginal seat. How can this façade be permitted “to carry on like this?”

Information Commissioner Christopher Graham has called for the full details of Lord Ashcroft’s status to be made public and criticised “evasive and obfuscatory” replies given by senior politicians on the subject.

01/03/2010 18:15

The issue of House of Lords membership and non-dom tax status in Britain has

Yes we can ...carry on like this

engulfed the Tory peer Michael Ashcroft, who has put some £5m into funding Tory campaigns in marginal constituencies.

Lord Ashcroft’s tax arrangements have been a matter of intense political interest ever since 2000 when he became a peer.
The undertakings he gave before taking up his seat have remained secret – until Lord Ashcroft released a statement this morning.
In it, he admitted that he’d agreed to become resident in the UK, but there’s no reference to paying tax on his earnings outside the UK. In other words, he says he did not agree to give up his ‘non-domiciled’ status.
The information commissioner had ruled that the deal he did to become a Lord had to be made public. But the timing of this announcement, as the Conservatives struggle to reassert their opinion poll lead, is pretty unhelpful to David Cameron.
The debate is now over Mr Cameron’s judgement and whether he was right to give such a central role in the party’s campaigning to Lord Ashcroft. Is it legitimate for someone to exert such influence over representation in the UK Parliament without subjecting themselves to the full responsibilities of taxation ?
But Labour’s criticisms are muted by their own “non-dom” donors such as Lord [ Swraj Paul, Baron Paul] Paul.

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