Gujarat calling

Gujarat development

Modi took charge of Gujarat when its economy was shrinking and the domestic growth was stagnant.[28] Faced with massive economic losses, he re-organised the government’s administrative structure and embarked upon a massive cost-cutting exercise.[29] As a result of his elaborate efforts, Gujarat registered a GDP growth rate of over 10% during his first tenure. This was the highest growth rate among all the Indian states.[30]

As a Chief Minister, Modi concretely put to practice his envisaged Gujarat by means of various yojana.[31] This includes Panchamrut Yojana,[32][33][34] a five-pronged strategy for an integrated development of the state, Sujalam Sufalam, a scheme to create a grid of water resources in Gujarat in an innovative step towards water conservation and its appropriate utilization.

  • Krishi Mahotsav – agricultural research labs for the land
  • Chiranjeevi Yojana – to reduce infant mortality rate
  • Matru Vandana – providing preventive and curative services under the Reproductive and Child Health Programme
  • Beti Bachao – campaign to protect baby girls to improve sex ratio
  • Jyotigram Yojana – to electrify every village
  • Karmayogi Abhiyan – to educate and train government employee
  • Kanya Kalavani Yojana – to encourage the education of girls
  • Balbhog Yojana – for midday meal for students

As a result of these yojna’s Gujarat became number one state in India in various perspective. Many scholar and India Inc leaders suggested that if Gujarat model will be applied in all states in India then India can easily become a developed nation.

Gujarat is now the template of all future development with side-by-side open, accoutable & transparent governance.

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