Britain’s unsackable incompetents

When people talk about the benefits of working in the public sector, they usually mention the generous pensions [write Harriet Sergeant in The Sunday Times][which thanks to Labour’s Financial Mismanagement have almost disappeared]. Hence there will not be much to show for my second to none service for the last 32 years!

But there is another, even more significant perk: you have almost no chance of being fired. [This certainly is not my experience of the public sector I am in] but I do believe the pervasive and pernicious incompetency invariably attracts the same of a feather.

Consider last week’s report on the shocking treatment of the patients of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust [I trust that you have read my experiences of the same incompetency within Milton Keynes NHS Foundation Trust?]. The report pointed to up to 1,200 unnecessary deaths, yet not a single individual has been ever disciplines! It beggars belief. Indeed Martin Yates, the Trust’s former Chief Executive, “has since left [just as I mentioned in my report earlier] with a pension pot of £1m, six month’s salary  and a reported £400, 000 pay-off” Pay-off for what exactly? For releasing the incompetents from having to discharge their obligations to the public?

Or take the case of 7-year-old Khyra Ishaq, starved to death in a case described by the judge as “beyond belief”. Not one of the 5 anti-social social workers involved has been disciplined. [I believe this from my experience of Children, Schools & Families Directorate].

It’s the same story in Education. Given the failure of many schools to impart even basic literacy, there must be plenty of incompetent teachers, yet the General Teaching Council for England has suspended just 12 in the past 9 years! [I can believe this from my experience as the Chair of School Governors in Milton Keynes]. Errant state workers survive every scandal and keep moving smoothly on to the next pay level. Only the public and public sector workers like me suffer only because in doing something right I am doing something wrong. My pay scale has not altered for the last 31 of my 32 years in Camden.

Latest: Dr Sabah Al-Zayyat failed to attend the disciplinary hearing about her negligence in identifying the fatal injuries upon baby P. She has been given ‘more time’ to ‘decide whether she’s willing and able to attend’ the disciplinary hearing – a clear of ‘competent’ self diagnosis.

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