LIVE: Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the Iraq inquiry

LIVE: Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the Iraq inquiry

PM GB is stuck on “to find a diplomatic rather than military solution to the Iraq problem. ”

My sixth sense tells me that he is ill-at-ease having offered himself to this grilling, his body language is betraying him totally, he is being frugal with the truth – he is dodging the answers.

He may regret ever deciding to do this just prior to the Gen Election – this might prove to his longest suicide interview in political history.

1034 Mr Brown says the Treasury did not in any way interfere with the military planning and there were never cost grounds pushed for choosing one option over another. “There was no financial barrier to doing what needed to be done,” he says. This is clearly a point the PM is very keen to hammer home – he’s said it several times now.

The cost, he said without being asked, was over £4bn. Wish he was frugal with funding this war as he is with depriving our soldiers of the necessary tools to do their job safely and soundly.

“Always tell the truth – that way you do not have to remember what you said.” Mark Twain quoted in The Guardian

In March 2003 both Bush & Bliar were on cloud 9 after launching the illegal war on Iraq.

“Doubt is not a pleasant mental state, but certainty is a ridiculous one.” Voltair, quoted in National Review Online

As Brown left the inquiry for the lunchtime break, he made a point of turning to the public gallery behind him to say “hello” twice and smile twice. The faces I could see did not crack and returned a stony stare.

Current costing [not total] is around £9.2bn for the Iraq Assault – not including disabilities, loss of life, compensation, health care, retirement etc.
13:35 PM has just confirmed having to find £17bn extra as the Chancellor but he thought this to be manageable given the priority he has attached with the project.

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