The Govt has been dishing the same crap since May 1997

PM announces tough new anti-social behaviour legislation

See my paper to the then, more shags than jags, Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott dated 4 December 2004. Like him, I too, do not mince my words but I do not behave like him.

Nothing has changed. There is no effectiveness in any of their half-baked legislations. I know it because I am having to implement the ill-considered, ill-judged and ill-thought out, let’s grab the headlines, legislations on ASB

Joint Question to ODPM, MKPC, MKSM Project & Partners 051204

Key: MK [Milton Keynes], LSP [Local Strategic Partnership], MKPC [Milton Keynes Partnership Committee], MKSM [MK South Midlands Health & Social Care Project] & EP [English Partnership – Delivery Vehicle for the Govt in the Expansion of MK to 2034]

Statistic of the Week also for the PM who has just earlier given his frugal account to Chilcot Inquiry: Jailing a young offender costs £100,000 per year

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