Are the Police being used as political football to a degree?

Police accused of failures over anti-social behaviour

Professor Gloria Laycock, director of the Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science at University College London, said communities needed to take some control.

She said her research from Germany found parents, communities, schools, and teachers took more responsibility than in the UK.

“In the UK, 60% of people said they would do nothing, they felt it was the responsibility of the police, the courts and the parents – and I think that’s a really big problem,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Dealing with conflicting priorities is not only a British problem.

In my experience, both as a victim of crime and ASB and as a local govt service provider dealing with ASB & Crime the claims made by the Police on their performance do not match up to give credibility to the quote by Sir Robert Peel [‘the public are the Police and the Police are the public‘]. It feels, from where I am standing, more like a spiel. WE are all aware of Police failures but…

It must be remembered that all public services, especially the Police, are over-burdened by over 4000 criminal legislation put out by Labour [almost one per day], micro-managed meaningless targets, prescriptive requirements of excessive record keeping, paper work, etc that make such services desk-bound rather than beat-bound where they ought to be.

In addition to the plethora of legislation benefiting only the legal services the Govt passed another legislation permitting 24/7 opening of bars, clubs and venues serving ever-increasing consumption of alcohol of ever-increasing strengths and measures directly resulting in rowdy and alcohol fuelled criminal activities. The direct result of micromanaged targets, paper work overload, conflicting priorities responding to innumerable public 999 calls, Police forces divided in silos – all result in the Police having to deal with easily achievable targets in preference to other crimes thus giving rise to dissatisfaction in other areas of Policing. Some thing has to give. That is at the crux of the whole incompetent mess created by the Govt.

This is not an excuse made for or on behalf of the Police but a balanced and reasoned defence for the over-worked and highly stressed public servants like me.

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