The Party is Over! It’s time to Clean up – will you help us?

A Message from Sir Paul Judge

I am writing to you as I know that you are fed up with our current yah-boo politics. You have shown this in the past by your support for the Jury Team.  Millions of people like you are disillusioned with the way this country is run.

Please reply to this email to tell us what upsets you about our politics. We want to hear from you.

People are unhappy about politicians’ expenses, u-turns and deception.  They do not want to vote for any of the traditional parties.  There is likely to be a hung parliament where every seat won will count.

The Jury Team works together for the people that the politicians forgot.That is just about everyone in the country apart from the small and elite political class.  Please go to our website at

We intend to ‘open up and clean up’ politics. We will give back to people their pride in our country and its institutions. We will let them become the ultimate jury.

Step forward and make a difference or stop complaining. We are about 10 weeks from the likely date of the general election (6th May).  Now is the time when we can all use our democratic right to make this country better in the next five years.

Join our Team. You can support us in many ways.  Everything you can do will help:

· We are now looking for people to become candidates to be MPs at the general election expected in May. We will help good candidates to get elected

· Bloggers are needed to cover each region of the country and each of our policy areas.  Let us know if you have a computer and like commenting on political issues

· Join the Jury Team Facebook Group or Facebook Page and become a follower of us on Twitter juryteam2010 or LinkedIn

· Regional co-ordinators will help candidates and find people who can work for us during the campaign

· Missionaries will tell all their friends about the Jury Team and arrange events virtually (on-line) and actually (in person) in order to spread our message.

· Local campaigners can work in one constituency or area to drum up support through leafleting, putting up posters and getting letters and articles in their local paper.

· Donors and fundraisers are a vital part of the campaign locally and nationally

If you are interested in making a difference go to the Jury Team Website.  You will see that this is greatly expanded since our campaigns last year.

The political class have become out of touch with the electorate. As a result of vested interests and electoral cowardice, the current party system does not deliver the policies that people want. Using its own review plus a series of YouGov opinion polls, the Jury Team has researched the issues where the political class and the public have clearly different views,

We want MPs who have real experience of life and are independently minded.

Any elected person must however support the issues highlighted in their manifesto if that is what they have been elected on.  We have therefore put together a manifesto of topics that the electorate want to see enacted but which the traditional parties do not support.  Our MPs will enable legislation on these proposals but they will only become law if an authorising referendum of the people endorses them.  This gives power right back to the people.

We want to give the people the opportunity to make these things happen:

·         Holding a referendum on the status of the UK within the EU

·         Setting up an English Parliament on English matters

·         Reducing the number of MPs by a third (from 650 to 433)

·         Changing Commons elections to proportional representation

·         Requiring referendums on petition by 5% of the electorate

·         Limiting government borrowing to 10% of expenditure

·         Protecting bank customer deposits from casino banking

·         Limiting benefits to 80% of the after tax minimum wage

·         Sentencing violent criminals to ‘army style’ punishment

·         Limiting UK troops in Afghanistan to the NATO average

·         Requiring private medical insurance for non-EU citizens

·         Establishing a 10 year residence requirement for UK Citizenship

·         Allowing state schools to opt out from local authority control

·         Requiring stores to let customers leave excess packaging

Do you agree that the people have a right to be consulted on these issues?  Amazingly neither of the two main traditional parties does.  If you believe in these ideas then go to the Jury Team website and help us to make them a reality.

Reply to this email and let’s all work together to make the changes this country desperately needs.

Vote for change or stop complaining.

Yours sincerely


Sir Paul Judge

Founder of the Jury Team

The 14+ reasons why I am standing as an Independent Parliamentary Candidate [Jury Team] on 6 May 2010 in Milton Keynes North?

What would be my personal contribution?

In line with my Independent Parliamentary Candidacy in May 2005 on the platform of Equality, Diversity, and Social Inclusion and Social and Political Justice I would further fight for:

Making British Parliament truly representative of the very diversity that elects it.

Directly elected House of Lords to make both houses fully accountable.

Directly elected Prime Minister but with proper regard to the British funding constraints and indirectly implied obligations and undue influence akin to the American model.

Change in our electoral system in line with European model based on PR [Proportional Representation]

Separating the legislative and the executive – with British Cabinet chosen by the PM but not not sitting in Parliament. This way the whips will be eradicated and the House of Commons can properly begin to scrutinise the House of Lords and holding the Government to account for you – the people.

Referenda on petition of 5% of the electorate to be

made cost-effective by holding once a year during local Council election cycle including the authorities where the local govt election cycle is once every 4 years

made further cost-effective by limiting the numbers if so preferred by the electorate

made effective by order of preference viz 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice and so on.

So, what can you do to clean up politics?

Make sure that you, your family, your extended family, your friends, colleagues and acquaintances come out to vote for the Jury Team on the 6 May 2010 to send a clear message to the British Parliament.

Both Dr David Starkey and I are of the firm belief that this is once-in-a-lifetime, unique, and unmissable opportunity to bring on a British innovation, revolution and a root-and-branch reform our political governance. That is what Tom Paine [a Founding Father of United States] argued and struggled for in the 18th century.

Be a stakeholder in this august opportunity. In years to come the citizens of Britain will be proud to have innovated and implemented such a change in our political governance preserving the public purse and, with it, the public trust.

Anant M Vyas
Independent Candidate Milton Keynes North, Jury Team .

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