Empathy, ecstasy & exhilaration – roller-coaster of emotions

I unequivocally empathise first the family and friends of Dr Ashok Kumar MP  Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland since 1997 [Labour] who suddenly passed away at home at the tender age of 53.

Secondly I empathise with the Labour Party and the Political People generally for the unforeseen loss of this brilliant gem from our midst. I say this not because he was an Indian but because he was ingenious whose worth was not recognised by the very exalters of equality, diversity and social inclusion and social justice. I shan’t say more because I do I would be deemed racist in the name of telling the truth.  People who knew him, like I did, and those who had heard of him and those who will hear of him through this dissemination will, undoubtedly, will form their opinion whether he, in comparison to the diversity of Britain, was treated fairly by the New Labour or not. I will simply say this without fear of favour – whilst there are Jewish and Muslim and of course Christian Ministers, there is no Hindu Minister nor has been in this confounded cliquey Government. I will miss this paragon of public service Dr Ashok Kumar. || Aum Shanti: Shanti: ShantiHi ||

Having got that out my chest, for I am attuned very closely to the public pulse, I must also, as a parent and grandparent, unequivocally say that I am overjoyed, ecstatic and exuberant just like Sahil Saeed’s mum, from Oldham of the news that this five-year old British Pakistani boy has been found to be safe and sound. A tremendous relief must say .

I hope that in the due course, now, the President Zardari & the PM of Pakistan & the High Commissioner of Pakistan in London will respond to my letter regarding the insidious damage to community relations caused by the Talibani Terrorists when they beheaded Hindu Sikhs for extortionate ransom which could not be met. They has set these victims to fail. Thus the roller-coaster of emotions.

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