BA – B****r All – PM admits he was obscenely frugal with the truth

Labour’s lucrative links to Unite – 2 m members – Labour Party’s largest donour – £11m – 160 Unite members within Parliament – a third of these in Govt positions – 25 Peers – Charlie Whelan GB’s former spokesman is Unites Political Director [flexing his muscles] and still holds a lot of clout despite being forced out in 1999 after [being Brutus] leaking Peter [Machiavellian] Mandelson’s first resignation from the Cabinet over a home loan procured from another Labour MP.

Non-Doms could clear National Debt says Johann Hari in The Independent.  The most shocking fact about Lord Ashcroft is that his ‘tax-dodging ways are perfectly legal courtesy of the British Parliament of course. Lord Ashcroft is one of many who enjoy the benefits of living in this country without paying their fair share to keep it going. Together the Non-Doms avoid estimated £13bn in taxes a year; rich corporations avoid a further £12bn. That’s enough to pay off GB [Gt Britain] PLC’s entire deficit in 7 years. Yet it wouldn’t be hard to put an end to the two main types of tax dodging. British citizens who avoid tax by claiming to be only semi-resident here could be dealt with by adopting the policy used by ‘that socialist Utopia, the USA’. There, you either pay taxes to the US treasury, wherever you live, or you renounce your citizenship. As for those non-British citizens who live here, but as non-Doms pay just £30,000 in tax no matter how huge their fortune, we could pass a law forcing those who stay more than 3 years to cough up their due. I could and would go much further, given your helping vote [but seriously watch this space]. All that is needed is the political will to stamp out this ‘anti-social, anti-national, anti-patriotic and seriously toxic behaviours’.

P**s be upon you PM

You be the Jury

PM admits he was obscenely frugal with the truth


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