What will it take to change your electoral behaviour?

David Cameron accepts there was Conservative sleaze in 1990s but… does not

All prospective candidates must be required to declare any external interests.

mention Conservative MPs & Lord [boasting on CH4 Dispatches Dispatches delves into the murky world of political lobbying that he was imminently being elevated to the House of Lords who has since been removed from David’s favoured list] including the Funding Father Lord Ashcroft’s plunder of the British Public Purse to pursue his own Conservative agenda to push money in marginal constituencies. So I hope to see him in one of the wealthy farmer’s farm in the Milton Keynes North Villages like Olney, Sherrington etc.

Politicians from all three main parties have breached rules of foreign-Govt paid Lollydays All other minor Parties do not have signed declarations from their candidates to adhere to the public behaviour principles like the Jury Team does.

In the privacy of the voting booth, chose wisely to benefit you and the Country.

I say

MP hopefuls must be required not urged to declare external interests

Given the incandescent public anger and disengagement of the electorate due to the continuing Labour sleaze from Conservative sleaze before 1997 and Lib Dem being criticised for accepting donations from a donour proven criminal [after he had donated] and having no diversity within it, UKIP being anti-Semitic, BNP being BNP etc – they all live in glass houses.

Only the Jury Team offers an acceptable, livable and credible alternative to this cyclical quagmire of Political corruption, greed and degeneracy. YOU have to fix the broken governance – electoral and political.

Any vote for the righteous reasons cannot be a wasted vote.

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