Immigration – where do you stand?

Brown tells illegal migrants: \’You are not welcome\’; Big Deal

Tony Bliar left Parliament to pursue indecent income abroad - John Prescott - Newsnight 30/03/10

He has not rejected the approached of Tony Bliar, his arch-enemy and barrier next door, when he was aching to be the PM – to help promote the New-New-Labour Campaign.  It’s like asking the former Gamekeeper turned Poacher [£20m richer] to deceive the British public, yet again, for him, to vote against the extinction of the New-Labour Party or the Party Politics in the UK.

Are you browned-off of all this fakery?

Only two parties namely BNP & UKIP are racially motivated against Labour’s incompetence in keeping the gates properly managed, monitored and ingress minimised. Rest of us are sensible because the needs and integration of the settled immigrants [comprising all British Isles] must come first.

I, as a British Subject immigrant 40 years ago, say this with utmost conviction and belief that I support the Jury Team’s manifesto Establishing a 10 year residence requirement for UK Citizenship

The rest of the Jury Team manifest is as follows:

· Holding a referendum on the status of the UK within the EU

· Setting up an English Parliament on English matters

· Reducing the number of MPs by a third (from 650 to 433)

· Changing Commons elections to proportional representation

· Requiring referendums on petition by 5% of the electorate

· Limiting government borrowing to 10% of expenditure

· Protecting bank customer deposits from casino banking

· Limiting benefits to 80% of the after tax minimum wage

· Sentencing violent criminals to ‘army style’ punishment

· Limiting UK troops in Afghanistan to the NATO average

· Requiring private medical insurance for non-EU citizens

· Establishing a 10 year residence requirement for UK Citizenship

· Allowing state schools to opt out from local authority control

· Requiring stores to let customers leave excess packaging

In addition to that – I stand for the following:

What would be my personal contribution?

In line with my Independent Parliamentary Candidacy in May 2005 on the platform of Equality, Diversity, and Social Inclusion and Social and Political Justice I would further fight for:

* Making both the European and British Parliament truly representative of the very diversity that elects it.

* Directly elected House of Lords to make both houses fully accountable. [The Govt has plagiarised this commitment]

* Directly elected Prime Minister but with proper regard to the British funding constraints and indirectly implied obligations and undue influence akin to the American model.

* Change in our electoral system in line with European model based on PR [Proportional Representation][The Govt has plagiarised this commitment]

* Separating the legislative and the executive – with British Cabinet chosen by the PM but not sitting in Parliament. This way the whips will be eradicated and the House of Commons can properly begin to scrutinise the House of Lords and holding the Government to account for you – the people.

MPs to be removed swiftly following unethical, immoral,  illegal and criminal behaviour and the severance benefits including guaranteed pension to be forfeited.

Similarly the members of The House of Lords to be ‘defrocked’ equally ceremoniously for all to see.

All Lobbyists – individuals or professional perpetrators – to be openly listed, identified and labelled in ‘Risk Register’

MPs not to hold any outside positions other than unpaid voluntary ones that clearly do not comprise them in any way.

All MPs [including Ministers] to be disciplined legally with bankrupting penalties should they take up any pecuniary positions in any organisation within two years of leaving UK Parliament. Even after two years they must register their interest with the Parliament.

Any ex- MP or ex-Minister found to be an undeclared part of any Lobby Group, Org or Company must be dealt with in accordance with the new laws that must be enacted to clean up this inherent corruption.

I am very unhappy that the current culprit MPs leaving Parliament after having being found out are to receive £65K resettlement payment despite all. This is unacceptable and it must stop now from today.  Their privileged pension and other payments also must cease forthwith. Otherwise there is no deterrent.

So, what can you do to clean up politics?

Raise your voices via this site.

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