Asian women set to make Westminster breakthrough?

Asian women set to make Westminster breakthrough

Whilst this is very good since the days of Dadabhai Naoroji 1892, the opportunities are created by the three political parties due to Independents like me standing in 2005 on the platform of equality, diversity, social inclusion, multi-ethnic British community being reflected in its Parliament and so on. These opportunities are somewhat tokenistic to encourage BAME communities to vote for one of the three parties.

The proof of the tokenism has been seen in Labours intake of female MPs and few ‘Asian’ MPs but Paramjit Dhanda got as far as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government under one Hazel Blears. Due her ‘flippn” fraud and cabinet reshuffle Dhanda [Paramjit Dhanda is one of the 98 MPs who voted to keep their expense details secret] lost to Sadiq Khan.

Dr Ashok Kumar [who recently passed away] never got a cabinet post.

On the contrary, Obama, who never bragged about equality [of information, access and treatment] has left these ‘colonial’ con artists with the handicap of a whole generation.

Being an Independent with an ability to decide and vote according to my conscience [my Angustha Purusha] unaffected by party policies, whips and lobby interests, gives me, if nothing else, an enduring satisfaction in uncompromising and undiluted principled stand on equality, diversity, social inclusion, social trust in a representative English Parliament.

Female Politicians – a view-point by Janice Turner in The Times:  “We muster no affection for our female politicians; we snipe if they are frumpy, think them uppity if they look too good. Unable to get beyond their gender, we are uneasy that we are there at all. In part, this is because a life of a woman MP looks so hard, hollow, shouty, and insincere. It has the sour armpitty odour of deals fudged in grey committee rooms; joyless 11:00 pm microwaved meals for one; the harried feel of always arriving at parents’ evenings in a last-minute lather. Considering the hours and pressure, being an MP is not even that well paid. Considering it is public service, it is almost thankless. It is not a life most women covet so we have trouble respecting those who would.”

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