3 responses to “What is my manifesto, you ask?

  1. I agree with this – the political class have betrayed this country. The managerial class have betrayed the NHS, where they have created a culture of job-hopping managers racing round a KPMG style career track without a thought of how to do the job or what they are there for!

    Good Luck and may the best man win!


    • Dear Liz

      Thank you so much for your affirmative and encouraging comments. The innovative-ideas-stealing-career-culture-vultures-devoid-of-common-sense are not a phenomenon only with our NHS. These public-purse-parasites-only-there-for-the-quick-CV-enhancing-loot are, as you’re well aware, pervading the all public services including local government.

      The level of incompetence beggars belief. http://www.worldbusinesslive.com/newsalerts/article/597575/Leadership/the-rising-tide-incompetence/

      Significant savings in public services HR budgets can be achieved by getting rid of these charlatan-chiefs and replace them with Indians – so to speak 🙂

      Kind regards


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