2 responses to “Tri-partite frugality with the truth – your money!

  1. Of course, I think it stands to reason why few cuts have been announced yet. To get the massive deficit cut down, huge cuts will be necessary and they will be harsh and cause problems for many people, but if the government cant afford these schemes, services etc. then the only option is cuts in those areas.

    I think the reason no parties are very forthcoming in announcing these cuts and tax rises is because the truth will be very very unpopular. Owing to the fact we are so close to an election, that is extremely risky for any of the major three parties to announce the full extent of the necessary cuts, because they just would not win the election.

    I think the only way they would really put these open onto the table is if all three parties did the same. Otherwise, their honesty would cost them heavily in votes and for no reason whatsoever because the other parties simply have to make the exact same cuts.

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