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Befacing defeat & global humiliation anyone will clutch at the last straws

(1) Blair looking to Iran and Syria for peace – The prime minister believes the two states should be warned of the consequences of failing to help. Question: So why did they fail to consult these crucial neighbours before embarking on an assault course on Iraq without the UN sanction????? The consequences of these crucial neighbours failing to engage would be disastrous for both Blair and Bush because they already are deep in the s**t they have created.
(2) Bush maintains tough line on Iran – Mr Bush also showed little enthusiasm to engage with Syria, stressing that the US had already made it clear to Damascus that it should stop interfering in Lebanon and stop harbouring extremists. Question: So this is tough eh? And he considers himself as a moderate not an extremist? Does he think we were born yesterday?
(3) ‘No softening’ on Iran and Syria- Blair – Britain’s policy towards Iran and Syria has not softened, Downing Street says, despite the prime minister’s call for them to help bring stability to Iraq. Mr Blair went on to say: "There is a fundamental misunderstanding that this is about changing policy on Syria and Iran." Question: Does he think he can fool all the people all the time?
(4) Blair pushes Mid East peace to US – Resolving the conflict would stop moderate Muslims being stirred up and increase pressure on Iran and Syria to co-operate, Mr Blair told the group. He also said Syria and Iran had to be given the "strategic choice" between being part of the solution or "isolation". Question: If Iran and Syria were considered a part of the solution after the defeat why were these termed as pariah states before the ignoble defeat? Is the west twisting their arms to be extended in seeming ‘solution-led’ partnership?
(5) Talking tough from a weak position which I would call a non-negotiable from the Iranian & Syrian point of view. There doesn’t appear to be much diplomatic room there for engagement over Iraq or anything else. The message is: you have to change, not us. It is an offer Iran and Syria might refuse. So why is the prospect of bringing Iran and Syria into discussion about Iraq and the Middle East even being raised? The answer: is blatantly obvious and obnoxious.
(6) Blair accepts ‘disaster’ in Iraq – Tony Blair has publicly agreed with the opinion that the violence in Iraq since the 2003 invasion has been a disaster. This is as near to being contrite a British Prime Minister is ever likely to get. What price for personal pride?

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Bush forced to retire an incompetent Secretary of Defence as there was and can be no defence – any longer

Even the White House acknowledges that the result of the mid-term elections was in some way the American public’s verdict on the direction of US foreign policy – particularly in Iraq.
Comment: You can fool some of the people some of the time …Nincompoops have no place in Global Strategic positions including the US Presidency.

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Former Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind has accused the US of delaying the verdict in Saddam Hussein’s trial to coincide with the mid-term polls.

Comment: I wonder why he did not speak up prior to the mis-term elections like I did in my Blog entry: In All This Kerfuffle, has anyone even bothered to ask the Iraqis? Updated 5 Nov 
Wise after the event?

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Parents must do better – Johnson (the Deputy Leader of New Labour hopeful)

Comment: Like that political hype by Benn Junior mentioned earlier – this too is a little rich and a little late only by 20+ years in my books given the fact that as a Chairman of School Governors in Milton Keynes in 1980s – my first address to the parents (under the Tories Education Policy) was to educate them that the prime and sole responsibility of imbibing the love of learning in their ‘little angels’ was theirs and they ought not to treat the first schools as ‘convenient crèches ‘ to dump their ‘little darlings’ at the mercy of the school (without any effort on their part) and expect the schools to miraculously turn out the ‘apples of their eyes’ into the future Isaac Newtons, Michaelangelos or even Albert Einsteins.
Besides, he fails to explain why Tony’s mantra of "Education; Education: Education" has even after a decade failed to deliver and on the contrary has produced 40% school leavers who are unable to read, write, spell count or account to anything within this Global Labour Market???
Havens forbid if he thinks that his Union credentials, suave manners and an engaging smile might sustain him in the Deputy’s position, especially this time in the New Labour leadership elections, without delivering?
9 Nov 2006: Johnson backing Brown for leader :
Clever and calculating?
Furthermore about 40% of pupils are abandoning school and education altogether at age 16. If ‘target setting’ and ‘measuring’ performances from Headteachers to pupils’ has been a new labour’s innovation- why aren’t more pupils who previously left school queueing up to rejoin rather than leave in droves?
The simple fact is that New Labour’s newness and spinning has begun to wear thin and fade.

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In All This Kerfuffle, has anyone even bothered to ask the Iraqis? Updated 5 Nov

Cowboys, they say, will always be cowboys.
Nicholas D Kristof, an American Columnist in The New York times, asserts that it is time that US took some advice from the experts – the Iraqis themselves.
The recent poll shows that the ordinary Iraqi, if the cowboys don’t, have a very clear view of what the Gringos ought to do – announce a timetable of the permanent withdrawal of American troops and renounce permanent American Military bases in Iraq. These seemingly simple action would save innumerable lives. The new poll found that 78% of Iraqis now believe that the American military presence is ‘provoking more conflict than preventing’, and that 71% favour a  withdrawal within a year. The survey also found that 61% of Iraqis now approve of attacks on Americans. This trend makes ‘counter-insurgency efforts almost impossible because ordinary people now protect those lay down bombs to kill the Americans. However those Iraqis that do not think Americans want permanent bases are half as likely to favour attacks upon Americans if the US announced the exit time table. It is time to admit defeat and get out with whatever grace both the cowboys (who audaciously bombed their way in in the name of establishing a democracy) can muster.
Takling of seemingly paternalistic but non-the-less parasitic inclinations and intentions of the two cowboys in establishing the so-called democracy in Iraq (after Saddam Hussein) consider this the ‘Palestine Chronicle (Ramallah – what a beautiful multi-faith name): I have altered the text to suit my style.
Notwithstanding the fact that Hamas abandoned csuicide attacks on Israel and embraced politics (like IRA and Sinn Fein  and Ulster Unionists are trying to, and that after 37 years, in Britain) Israel & its American backers, including Fatah, the movement Hamas defeated in elections at the begining of the year, are determined to get rid of it. Fatah’s latest strategy is to convince the World that Hamas is formenting violence, is stockpiling weapons and preparing for war against Fatah.
The danger is not coming from Hamas whose leaders have repeatedly assured that the terrorists cannot allowed to slide back into civil war. The real threat is Fatah is scheming to launch a full-scale coup, egged by Israel and backed by local militia, who, wait for it, are being trained and armed by the US (Reuters Report). Although this may not cause a full-scale civil war as there is no disagreement between Palestinians that would turn ‘brother against brother’. But it would grag more and more into devastating  violence with unimaginable consequences.
It is ironic – and immoral – that the US, which has chutzpah claiming to spread democracy, should apparently – underhandedly – now be encouraging Fatah to use their supplied ammunition to overthrow the elected government. Such is the difference between the peoples’ democracy and that which is procured by and for the selfish purpose of the US.
Latest: Mid Term Elections are imminent in the USA – Bush admin’s foreign policy is at the top of the agenda. 27% cited Iraq as the critical issue determining their vote. Iraq & the US economy are irretrievably linked. The cost of war will be almost $20,000.00 for every household in the US. This will bring US down. US is already 5th Economy in the World not the first any more as per the World Economic Forum which ranks nations on everything from national institutions & infratstructure to market efficiency. Very soon it may even be the third world. India may well be in the top three. Yet innumerable ‘conditioned Indians’ would still aspire to go west – as they consider their Country to be "effing" useless.
For the burdened Americans – the only choice they have is between two desciplines – both are useless and corrupt. Americans always vote from their pocket not their loyalty or belief least of all on Globally persuasive issues like Global Warming and the need to change one’s selfish behaviours.
Whatever their priorities they will find their sheer financial fetters worse than Guatanamo incentivise them to vote against Republicans on Nov 7th not for the Democrates, I hasten to add.
Whilst in Sunny Britain:A very unpleasant sea change in British politics has occured. There wsa an unspoken convention amongst mainstream politicos that one ought to regfrain from eliciting resentment of ordinary people on immigartion. Encoch Powell who dared call spade a spade was ostracised. Even Michael Howard was targetted by Labour as racist when he dared raise awareness of abuses in the asylum system. But now Labour have done a U-turn. Having lost its solid Muslim vote due to Iraq war, it decided to infame the fears of working class whites.Jack Straws remaks on the veil brought the religious identity to the centre of national debate. We may nationally pay the price for Labour’s cynical opportunistic abuse of the muslim bulk vote.
1 Nov 2006: Meanwhile Tony Blair has something to celebrate – the news that more than half the Army and 40% of RAF & Navy are considering quitting the Armed Forces according to a Government Report. The Armed Forces are now seen as Armed Farces.
And the latest 3 Nov 2006: UK research shows that majority of UK citizens think that George W Bush is more dangerous than Osama. This validates my 2005 entry ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’.
5 Nov 2006: Death Penalty for Saddam: But he smirks and rejects the validity of the sentence in owm inimitable style. This has been pushed through in an indecent hurry solely for the assumed benefit of the Republicans in the US. Now, seemingly, accepting the decision of the Courts in democratically elected Government in Iraq, both BUSH and B(lair)ritain (both on their way out with dishonour) are seen as listening to the voices of the people of Iraq rubbing their hands in glee justifying their illegal actions – projecting their image as benevolent waring leaders liberating Iraq from the hands of the tyrant dictator and enabling and empowring its people to befittingly punish Saddam – albeit, obviously, without any coersion or undue influence from either. This is as believable as that Democrat President claiming "I did not have sex with that woman"




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General Sir Richard Dannatt v Blair on Iraq debacle

Comment: Blair could not have engineered it better – to skilfully and diplomatically withdraw from pro-American stance, set the scene skilfully for the ‘exit strategy’ (which critics claim never existed), exit claiming credit for himself ensuring a relatively ‘publicly popular’ succession of the next leader in hope for (at least) bequeathing a (turned-around) winnable legacy for the fourth consecutive general election. Very shrewd, clever and skilful.

Hello Anant!
Here’s your horoscope for OCTOBER 14, 2006.

You might have some powerful intuitive moments today, Anant. You’ve always been a closet psychic. Your friends might not realize this, but you can often sense what is happening to them long before they actually tell you. Your ability to pick up impressions and resonate with vibrations is part of the essential you. But today this side of you could be even stronger. So pay attention to what your sixth sense is telling you.


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‘Double standards’ foreign policy

MP Sadiq Khan, who signed the letter, said British foreign policy was seen by many as unfair and unjust.

"Whether we like it or not such a sense of injustice plays into the hands of extremists," he said.

Comment: The British Muslim Communities are now refelecting my analysis publicisised pre-General election 05/05/05.

See attached previous entries.

16/04/2005 My vision – how multi-ethnic Britain can be at ease with itself!47CC3F604E92E3C4!111.entry

London mayor says West fuelled Islamic radicalism 20/7/2005 12:52:49 PM!47CC3F604E92E3C4!176.entry

16/07/2005: Muslim leaders in Britain call for action concurring with my visionary paper of 5 Dec 2004
Britain’s top Muslims have branded the London suicide bombings "utterly criminal, totally reprehensible, and absolutely un-Islamic".


Date: 13/07/05 10:21:26

Preventative vision and strategy – the best way to tackle high risk, left-behind, alienated groups – home-grown British bombers

E-mail to Deputy Prime Minister, English Partnership, Milton Keynes Parnership Committee following MK2031 Seminar of 10/06/05!47CC3F604E92E3C4!155.entry

13 August 2006: Minister criticises Muslim letter

An open letter, signed by three Muslim MPs, three peers and 38 community groups, said the stance on the

Middle East has put civilians at risk.

MP Sadiq Khan, who signed the letter, said British foreign policy was seen by many as unfair and unjust.

Comment: The Govt and the BBC are getting into dangerous grounds further alienating democratically elected Members of Parliament if they begin to identify them by their religious affiliations.

Secondly, long before Sadiq Khan MP claimed the Govt Foreign Policy was seen as being unfair and unjust, I
stood on an Independent Platform more than an year ago for the very reason that the Govt’s internal as well as
external Policies are unfair and unjust.
John Reid, Home Secretary, said this morning that the Intelligence Services had thwarted an Al Qaeda plot as early as 2000 in Birmingham which pre-ceded Iraq – a spin to say that British Muslims’ disaffection due to
Govt’s Iraq & current Middle East stance is ill founded.
Least did he realise that the alienation of muslims as well as other communities within UK happened due to the Govt’s unthinking and unconditional support for the USA Foreign Policy and especially after the assault on Afghanistan.



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India bans domestic child labour

Campaigners say that many children work in appalling conditions

Children in a village school in Andhra Pradesh attending their morning assembly

In India, 53% of children drop out before finishing seventh grade
Durgamma, a former child labourer, studied till grade three
If sometimes I didn’t want to go to work, my parents would say, ‘if you don’t go to work, how will we eat?
former child labourer
The Indian government has announced a ban on children working as domestic servants or in roadside food stalls.

The order, which applies to children under 14, will come into effect in October, officials say.

It also bans children from teashops, restaurants, hotels, motels, resorts, spas or other recreational centres.

comment: The eventual awakening is commendable but the very children thus delivered from child labour will suffer abject poverty for the simple reason that they have to work solely to support their families and themselves. Action without planning how to compensate families and children thus devoid of their income will neither be appreciated by those supposedly helped nor sustainable. There has to be some form of child benefit, child related tax credit or some other form of sustenance to help the poor children (of whom many are orphans) through their ‘responsible’ guardians or parents. I use the word ‘responsible’ deliberately but guardedly because in these poor communities thus facing generations of settled disadvantage – use of drugs including alcohol, only to escape or ease the pain of the daily problems, is a real and pervasive socio-economic anathema.


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* Be the change you want to see in the world.* Mahatma Gandhi stirred Conservative Leader

LEICESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, July 22, 2006: Conservative Party Leader David Cameron recently attended Soar Valley Community College where Morari Bapu was reciting excerpts from the Ramayana to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Shree Jalaram Mandir. Cameron gave the following speech, "Being here today not only reminds me of the lessons offered by Hinduism as a faith, but also of the example set by British Hindus themselves. It’s hardly surprising that British Hindus have been such a successful part of our nation. After all, the values you brought with you when you arrived here are those traditionally associated with Britain: tolerance, honesty, enterprise and respect for the law.

Indeed, in your desire to live independently of the government while never shirking from contributing to the community, you embody the British ideal of balancing freedoms with duties.

I know there are things that worry you. Too often, politicians seem to believe that British Hind us have no problems or concerns, and can therefore be ignored. In a sense, you’re victims of your own success. Everyone knows that British Hindus are good citizens. In your everyday lives – within the family, at work and in the community – you’re making real those famous words of Gandhi: ‘We must be the change we want to see in the world.’ British Hindus are truly British, but have achieved this without giving up their religious and cultural traditions. And if you prefer to be referred to as British Hindus or British Indians rather than as simply Asians, we should welcome that as a positive thing." Cameron was hoping to rally support from the Hindu community who traditionally have supported the Labour Party.


Comment: There is a lot of truth in his claim that British Hindus are victims of their own success. However the article’s claim that Hindu Community traditionally supported Labour Party is not entirely true.

However, I have e-mailed David Cameron thanking him for paying an indirect compliment whether it was Mahatma Gandhi’s message or my exemplifying it that truly influenced his speech to British Hindus in Leicester on 22 July 2006.

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Comment: Having talked about corruption at the heart of Government, to talk about corruption in the Metropolitan Police or even Home Office’s Immigration Dept doesn’t cut much mustard let alone much anything else.
An immigration official allegedly told an undercover Sun reporter he charged up to £2,000 for helping people to get refugee status.
"The immigration system is completely out of control. There are so many loopholes in it that it is shot through with incompetence and corruption and all the loopholes are exploited by criminals.

"We now discover that loopholes are being exploited internally by corrupt officials. It is a very, very urgent problem because this matters in the real world.

"This means there are many hundreds of thousands of people in this country who shouldn’t be here who the authorities can’t trace properly."

"The whole of this wretched government department is rotten to the core,"

Comment: UK Independence Party leader Roger Knapman has got it totally wrong again. It not only the Govt Dept that is rotten to the core – it is the whole Government. As I have shown in the past and now – it is incompetent.


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