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1000 years old Ancient Hindu Temple Uncovered in Yogyakarta

Certainty of Uncertainty of our origins including the Universe?

There is a startling parallelism between today’s physics and the world vision of Eastern mysticism. The increasing contribution of Eastern scientists from India, China and Japan, among others, reinforces this conjunction. Physical science has now become planetary and draws into its fold an increasing number of non-Easterners who find in its new vision of the universe many elements that are quick to note, one cannot always distinguish between statements made by Eastern metaphysics based on mystical insight and the pronouncements of modern physics based on observations, experiments and mathematical calculations. Werner Karl Heisenberg, (1901-1976) German theoretical physicist who was one of the leading scientists of the 20th century. He is best known for his Uncertainty Principle and was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics.

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Hazel tight-lipped about an illegal employed in her election campaign

Former Cabinet minister Hazel Blears has confirmed that an illegal immigrant had been working as a volunteer on her election campaign.

Tight-lipped petit petal

“I had absolutely no idea of this woman’s immigration status until she informed me… yesterday afternoon.

It beggars belief that after the ‘flippin’ fraud’ Hazel, following the Attorney General’s negligence in permitting an illegal work as an au pair, didn’t know the status of this ‘volunteer’. I wish I could afford employing some campaign staff.

petits fours & sixers. Shameless indulgence. I believe that such MPs and Ministers ought to be sacked without retirement allowance of £65K and any other allowances on public purse and prosecuted.

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