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Mittal Metal – First ever Indian venture

The company’s Indian-born chairman, Lakshmi Mittal, says he will invest more than 300bn rupees ($6.5bn) in the plant in eastern Orissa state.

The steel plant will be Mr Mittal’s first in his native country.

Orissa is one of India’s mineral rich states and South Korean steel giant Posco is also planning a $12bn plant there.


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Comment: Is Mittal anxious & in a hurry to invest for his very time in his home Country just because the South Koreans have beaten him in his acquisition race in recognising his own Country’s potential earlier than he did and have invested twice as much as he may be?


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Tamil Tiger ‘regret’ over assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

Rajiv Gandhi

Mr Gandhi was opposition leader at the time of his death


The BBC’s Ethirajan Anbarasan says the rebels’ expression of regret may be linked to their increased international isolation after recent bans by the European Union and Canada.

He says the rebels feel they need some sort of support from India, which once armed and supported them.

"As far as that event is concerned, I would say it is a great tragedy, a monumental historical tragedy for which we deeply regret," Mr Balasingham said.

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Comment: These are dis-organised organisations – nothing short of it.

Metropolitan Housing Trust: Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is:
Working with residents for better homes and stronger communities.

Our vision is:
Continue to be recognised as a leading provider of high quality affordable homes and support services that offer real choice to our customers.

Our corporate values are:

  • We value people
  • We put our customers first
  • We celebrate diversity
  • We have ambition and drive
  • We strive for excellence
Woman’s body in bedsit for years


Comment: These are the typical signs of our times and also of the mismanaged social housing and women’s refuge services (local housing trust’s management staff, caretakers, landlords yearly Gas Safety check contractors, Repairs & Maintenance Service, Pest Control Service, Noise Patrol, neighbours, Local Council’s Housing Benefit & Council Tax Yearly non-renewal cancellation & Bailiffs service), and utilities like Electricity & Gas Companies, TV License, Telephone company, and agencies such as social services, Doctor’s surgery, other medical specialists – hospital or dental appointments, local shops, not to mention relatives, friends and support workers from the Refuge which dumped this victim in there and forgot about her.

When, as I have asserted, there is duplication of support services, all services erroneously depend upon others to set of the alarm and eventually no one does. The accountability and personal responsibility is sacrificed. It beggars belief!

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