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How Labour’s pervasive & pernicious incompetence caused chaos in the Whitehall & Local Authorities?

The courts are allowing the mother of Khyra Ishaq to plead guilty to manslaughter, although she was charged with the murder of her daughter by starvation. It is a horrific case and calls into question whether Birmingham social services did anything like enough to ensure that a child who had been taken away from school for six months was in a safe and developing circumstance. The judge in the case, Mrs Justice King, thinks not, saying in her judgement: “On the evidence before the court I can only conclude that in all probability had there been an adequate initial assessment and proper adherence by the educational welfare services to its guidance, K would not have died.”
Despite the urging of the school from which she was absented, social services only visited once, and never again. Birmingham has now apologised for failing to save the little girl. Jane Deith reports on the life of the little girl who starved to death, and the missed opportunities to intervene.
Jamie Bulger case 1993, Victoria Climbie, Laurent Wright, Baby P, plus numerous other tragic cases since. This – is the symptomatic of the pervasive, pernicious and endemic incompetence from Whitehall to Town Hall.
Child abuse \’lessons not learnt\’ George Meehan Labour Council Leader in Haringey worked with me in Kentish Town District Housing Office over 13 years ago.

‘Outrage’ at child protection failings

Inquiry after child killed Laurent enquiry demanded


Can ministers learn to avoid policy howlers?

Some experts believe what is needed is fewer policies

Why is it these ‘Experts’ say that as a hind-sight? Like I have said common-sense is quite uncommon these days especially in the Westminster Villagers’ visage.

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Right Royal Bank & Govt of Scoundrels

Despite the losses of £6.3bn, the bank is set to announce it will pay bonuses totalling £1.3bn to its staff.

Further penalising the tax payers until the "pips squeak"

The UK taxpayer owns 84% of RBS after the government bailed out the bank at the end of 2008.

Since you and I own this Bank, I am making my unequivocal objection to the continuing intolerable bonus payments. I suggest you do so too in the strongest terms you can. I am writing to the PM.

But what had Gordon Brwon done for us?

GB [Great Britain & not Gordon Brown] PLC’s economic performance since since

Permanently penalising the public via quantitative easing

Gordon Brown’s first Budget in March 1998, despite all the spin of being immune to Global fluctuations, has been dismal.

Whichever indicator you look at points to disastrous 12 years says Jeff Randall in the Daily Telegraph.

  • Sterling is 27% lower against Euro
  • The FTSE 100 is down 12% – the worst performance of any major market save Japan
  • Our Budget Deficit is higher than Greece’s at 13.3%
  • Unemployment has risen from 6.3% to 7.8%
  • Monetary Policy Rules have been ripped up with the printing of £200bn to pump into the ailing economy

So to sum up the Gordon Brown years:

  • Sterling is in the toilet
  • Pensions have been slaughtered
  • Cash yields almost nothing
  • GB PLC is up to its neck in unprecedented debt and
  • The Banking System is awash with funny money and finally
  • Brown sold also off our Gold for next to nothing.

Apart from all that, “it’s not too bad”.

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This is what public servants must do to fix Britain — nothing

What do you say?

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Chilcot pushes Iraq inquiry secrecy button

Even more surprising was the conclusion drawn by the current MI6 chief, Sir John Sawers. He admitted that had Britain realised how much violence would be unleashed in post-war Iraq, there might well have been “second thoughts” about the entire mission.

But John Major previous PM had already very articulately described the outcome should Saddam be removed. He certainly was not speaking in a foreign tongue?

Knowing this do you trust him not to do the same when Tony Bliar gives his version In Jan 2010?

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How Darling will tax the rich until their pips squeak

How true my choosing the famous phrase used by Chancellor Dennis Healey turned out to be in this analysis?

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Tony Bliar to give Iraq Inquiry testimony ‘in public’

The public expects that at least. However, my guess is that Bliar will invariably try to swing the truth as he saw it. “The defendant wants to hide the truth because he’s generally guilty. The defence attorney’s job is to make sure the jury does not arrive at that truth.” In this case the defence jury will be the Inquiry Panel and the defence attorney will be Tony Bliar. Let’s wait & see. Unfortunately, unless like me you have made up your mind, the result is not going to be known to the public this side of the next General Election for obvious reasons. This is make your mind up time.

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13 years of Labour without a delivery & now a Con trick

Amid speculation of an early (March) general election, and two polls with contradictory data about who’s doing well, both Labour and Tory leaders have been engaged in high profile activity today: the prime minister’s been in Afghanistan today for the traditional pre-Christmas visit to British forces on the front line. At home, David Cameron’s tried to defuse a hugely embarrassing row over the non-domicile status of one of their most high profile parliamentary candidates, millionaire environmentalist Zac Goldsmith who’s contesting the eminently desirable and affluent southwest London constituency of Richmond Park (currently held by Lib Dem Susan Kramer). Mr Cameron declared today that he’d introduce laws ensuring all peers and MPs would pay British taxes. (Self-made) millionaire and Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne, has gone public with his scorn for what he calls the “hypocrisy” of the Conservatives’ new policy; asking why the Tories won’t reveal the tax status of major donor Lord Ashcroft.

These are very cynical & devious pre-election ‘persuasions’. Once you’ve voted – they’ll back to ‘business as usual’. Do not be-Laboured or Conned or LibDemned

VETTING RULES: A notable policy change from Labour, too, though not the u-turn it’s been declared to be in some quarters: Children’s Secretary Ed Balls has announced a smaller scale implementation of the child protection vetting rules. So nine rather an estimated 11 million adults will now have to pay for criminal record checks if they help out with children. You may remember the furore from authors like Philip Pullman, who give dozens of readings at schools, who would have been forced to register; likewise parents driving team minibuses, or car shares. One of the key concessions seems to be excluding the requirements from volunteers whose contact with children is less than weekly or involves close friends. So how much of a difference will it make? And is it more important, perhaps like David Cameron’s tax move, as a cynical political attempt to lock down an issue inspiring strong and potentially very damaging public opposition?

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22 new Chinook helicopters and other equipment for Afghanistan but is making cuts to fund them, citing “acute cost pressures”.

There’s something iffy in the MoD woodshed.

A £1.5bn cut in all sorts of stuff including Harrier Jump Jets and an RAF
airbase announced on the very day that the defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth
announces a £900m investment in more helicopters and anti-IED mine measures. But
the two are not related it seems. These
cuts …are about cost overruns and systemic problems inside the MoD purchasing

There is another coincidence today – the publication of a report from the
National Audit Office which says that £6bn more in defence cuts will have to
occur as a result of the pre-budget report over and above today’s announcement.
Further they say that if budgets are frozen at the MoD in future spending rounds
then the sum could run to £36bn.

Before this govt came in, I did not know what a million was. Now they do not talk in anything less than £billions. They confuse and befuddle the issues to keep the public guessing or utterly fed-up. That is their style. Do not let that fool you any more.

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Workforce planning: new resource

Workforce planning is about getting the right number of people, with the right skills, in the right place and at the right time. To help councils tackle their current and future workforce challenges, the IDeA has produced a new resource based on a six-step guide and councils’ experiences of what works in practice. Visit the resource and see how it could help your council prepare for today and tomorrow.

I’m sure you’ve heard all this [pseudo-Conservative New Labour] XXXX before in 2000 during the so-called Best Value implementations. But here it is again as New-New-Labour initiative. Do not forget that just a few days ago the Public spending cuts included all front line public services. Within the Housing & Adult Social care we are already the ‘best’ in the Country – doing four people’s workload, alone. I can assure you that except for the Christmas parties, the faces in our Council Offices are not as smiling as this article seems to suggest. I should know because in Jan 2000 I was selected as the only front line and the only ethnic member of IDeA Workforce Development Workforce comprising Chief Executives & Directors of various public orgs and Leaders of Councils and heads of various Unions [you guessed it]. All Chiefs and one Indian.

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