1000 years old Ancient Hindu Temple Uncovered in Yogyakarta

Certainty of Uncertainty of our origins including the Universe?

There is a startling parallelism between today’s physics and the world vision of Eastern mysticism. The increasing contribution of Eastern scientists from India, China and Japan, among others, reinforces this conjunction. Physical science has now become planetary and draws into its fold an increasing number of non-Easterners who find in its new vision of the universe many elements that are quick to note, one cannot always distinguish between statements made by Eastern metaphysics based on mystical insight and the pronouncements of modern physics based on observations, experiments and mathematical calculations. Werner Karl Heisenberg, (1901-1976) German theoretical physicist who was one of the leading scientists of the 20th century. He is best known for his Uncertainty Principle and was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics.

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NHS Managers say cuts are already hitting front-line services

A four-way split on the NHS 04/07/2008
2nd May 2010


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topLive Health News| Survey & Poll Results

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NHS Managers say cuts are already hitting front-line services?


Almost half of NHS managers say cuts in front-line services are happening now.

A poll of NHS managers, that ended 24hrs ago, says; cuts are already being made to frontline services, vacancies are being left open and nurse managers and others are taking on more responsibilities and doubling roles.

Despite election promises that the NHS budget will be ‘protected’ and there will be no cuts to front-line services, health service managers say cuts are already taking place, budgets reduced and plans being put in place to slash costs.
Key findings:
  • Almost half of managers say cuts in front line posts such as nurses and therapists are happening now
  • Three quarters say there are cuts to administration and back-office services
  • Nearly 80% confirm vacant posts are being left open and costly agency and interim staff are covering
  • Over 60% say they are already having to hit savings and cuts targets, some as high as 23% over a two year cycle
Commenting on the poll, former NHS Trust Chairman and health writer and broadcaster Roy Lilley says;…….. NHS managers are already setting about the task of taking a scalpel to budgets.  Despite political promises to the contrary, it is clear from the survey that this work is well underway.  Moreover, managers are planning cuts and changes in service provision that will impact on front-line patient care – they are saying they are doing it now!  The NHS is looking for £20bn savings by 2014.  It can’t be done without impacting front-line, patient care.”

Comments from managers who took part in the survey include:

Nurse leads taking on as many as five lead roles instead of the usual one as they cut back nursing roles. Lead nurses pulled back into service to fill the gap.

Our funding from the PCT has been cut by £1.5m, so we are looking at cutting front line posts
All posts are scrutinized; plans to cut 1 in 3 posts

Once someone has left a post they are not to be replaced.
The General view is that services will be cut or face wholesale rationalisation.


An electronic copy of the full survey, data and

contact information is available here.

Taking the Temperature of NHS Managers

Real-Time Surveys of Health Service Managers


Views, comment and opinion direct from the front-line of healthcare

>>> nhsManagers.net is an e-newsletter that reaches the in-box of over 11,000 NHS managers throughout the UK.

>>> Mailed when there is news, and usually 6 times a month the newsletter is a welcome mailing for NHS managers who participate in feed-back, surveys, polls and a blog.
>>> Managers come from primay and secondary care, administration grades through to Board-Rooms, the DH and various healthcare quangos.
>>>  The opinions they express are in  ‘real-time’, up-to-date, informed and tell us where the NHS ‘is really at’.
>>> The views are not ‘spun’ or engineered by senior management.  They are front-line, reliable and the real temperature of the NHS

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Hazel tight-lipped about an illegal employed in her election campaign

Former Cabinet minister Hazel Blears has confirmed that an illegal immigrant had been working as a volunteer on her election campaign.

Tight-lipped petit petal

“I had absolutely no idea of this woman’s immigration status until she informed me… yesterday afternoon.

It beggars belief that after the ‘flippin’ fraud’ Hazel, following the Attorney General’s negligence in permitting an illegal work as an au pair, didn’t know the status of this ‘volunteer’. I wish I could afford employing some campaign staff.

petits fours & sixers. Shameless indulgence. I believe that such MPs and Ministers ought to be sacked without retirement allowance of £65K and any other allowances on public purse and prosecuted.

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Hospital food designed to appeal to the taste buds of the elderly has been launched by TV chef Heston Blumenthal and a team of scientists.

Hospital food designed to appeal to the taste buds of the elderly has been

Taste test

launched by TV chef Heston Blumenthal and a team of scientists.

Flavour in foods, especially savoury ones, is enhanced by umami – known as the fifth taste, and also the Japanese word for delicious and savoury.

That’s all very well so long as the umami experimentation does not give these older, malnutritioned, patients the fatal colorectal tsunami.

My sixth sense warns me ‘Better malnutritioned than mortified.’

We know what happened when the Govt engaged Lloyd Grossman last time to titillate the taste buds of the British patients.


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