The Gist of Mahabharat – my concise explanation of inherent meaning (arrth) contained in that Mahakavya is that it:


 Disseminates vyas* Dharma-Shashtra (Emotional Intelligence) treatise exemplifying social and ethical principles, globally persuasive, for sustainable cohesive coexistence 


Footnotes & meaning of words used in this sentence for ease of reference only:


     Disseminate: spread to distribute or spread something, especially information or become widespread. 


    vyas*= Sanskrit meaning – voluminous or outer Space (infinite or anant). Rushi Véd Vyas earned that name; I’m told, precisely because of his voluminous poem (mahakavya) summarising all 4 Véds in Bhagvadgita. Thus also known as the Fifth Véd.


    Dharmashashtra (one word): Dharma = the truth about the way things are, and will always be, in the universe or in nature, especially when contained in scripture or the true nature of things (as in Bhagvadgita – the essence of all Vedic knowledge); Shashtra = science of or art of or instructions in. Thus Mahabharat teaches Dharma, the righteousness above everything else.


    Emotional Intelligence = A common core of personal and social abilities has proven to be the key ingredient in people’s success. " Our mind is like a garden, which can either be cultivated or be allowed to run wild." Today Emotional intelligence carries much more weight than IQ in determining who emerges as a leader. Herein, in my view, the word Dharma-Shashtra can be interchanged with Emotional Intelligence, which is currently vogue and has rapidly gained relevance in the 21st Century in every walk of life. 


    Treatise = detailed written account of a subject or a formal written work that deals with a subject systematically and usually extensively.


    Exemplify: be an example of something: to show or illustrate something by being a typical or model example of it viz. " He exemplifies all the qualities of a natural leader."


    Ethical: consistent with agreed principles of correct moral conduct viz. "While such activities are not strictly illegal, they are certainly not ethical."


    Sustainable: social, environmental & economic wellbeing (devoid of inequalities and injustice and thus devoid of any conflict) that is capable of lasting indefinitely due to inherent local & global benefits.


    Cohesive: unified: sticking, holding or working together to form a united whole.


    Coexistence: live together peacefully: to occupy the same space (planet) in a peaceful way.




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  1. sillygloop

    Sustainable cohesive coexistence is truly the key as it gives us ideas to make this a better place for the present and the future!
    Regarding the culprit…keep sleuthing!

  2. Anant M

    Yes, indeed Vijay
    I am glad you like and agree with my precis of Mahabharat. The beauty of its formation several thousand years ago lies in the fact that it is still and will remain globally persuasive and universally appealing to those given to rational thought.

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