On This Day – 1972: Official IRA declares ceasefire

Masked IRA gunman - April 1972
Comment: During last Sunday’s Heaven on Earth programme on BBC1 28 May presenter Gloria Honeyford interviewed Rageh Omaar Former BBC News World Affairs correspondent Rageh Omaar talks to Gloria about his new book – Only Half Of Me. Rageh has written a book on what it means to him to be a British Muslim?
For the first time in British TV history I heard (Gloria) a mainstream TV Interviewer liken the IRA Terrorism with the bombing of 7 July 2005 & 21 July 2005 in London, UK by British Muslims so-called home-grown suicide bombers. In fact it was the first time that an interviewer had questioned as to why the churches in Ireland fail to condemn the terrorist acts whilst the Imams of the Muslim communities were expected to do just that and immediately? So well done Gloria & well done BBC.
Some memorable track backs on Irish promise that lasted over thirty years to actually cease terrorising mainland Britain are listed below:

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