Latinos’ pelvic swinged samba with two fingered salute to the US


Virtually anyone paying attention to events in Venezuela and Nicaragua in the north to Peru and Bolivia further south, plus in different ways Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, comes to the same conclusion: there is a wave of profound anti-American feeling stretching from the Texas border to the Antarctic.


Bolivian President Evo Morales

Mr Morales pledged to end injustice and inequality

with votes not bullets.


Comment: When Morales was elected I had commented wishing that the ‘mother of all Katrinas’ should tear into the North America besides destroying the unacceptable American selfish behaviour & thus bringing about the social, political and environmental wakening & regeneration that has long been awaited from the US and long overdue to save the World from nincompoopery and destruction as a result of it.

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