Comment:I refer to my visionary paper of 5/12/2004 submitted to ODPM (the Office of Deputy Prime Minister) John Prescott by e-mail on equality, diversity, social inclusion, social capital, social trust (a common glue0 leading to community cohesion leading to sustainable communities. Because of that and because also of work done by Ted Cantle and others the new ministry, replacing ODPM due to John’s shenanigans with his PA, has from today included, and wait for it, equality & community cohesion amongst other duties. Hence, I must congratulate myself for having brought about this sea change in Labour machinery which just about an year ago on the Gen Election night of 05/05/05 (Tony’s Birthday) was grilling me as to why I stood against a Labour MP? When I said what my platform was – the heavies asked me – "have WE NOT DONE ENOUGH IN THAT FIELD ALREADY?"  Clearly they hadn’t. Why would a poorer man stand, against already established, well oiled MPs, using his own money?
What’s more – Dr Phyllis Starkey Labour MP for Milton Keynes South West – is the chair of the ODPM Select Committee which supposedly scrutinises the work of the ODPM. Don’t; please don’t. This is true.
Do you now understand being exemplary, influential & persuasive? That is true community governance and representation.
My entry  11/05/2006 – JULY 7, 2005 HOME-GROWN BOMBERS – SURVIVORS WANT UNDERSTANDING OF REASONS? refers as to how community cohesion can be achieved. In addition to that Local Council’s Community Strategy (which should be from the very heart of the communities being represented) and sustainable development must go hand-in-hand. The goal of Sustainable Development is to enable all people throughout the World to satisfy their basic needs and enjoy a better quality of life, without compromising the quality of life of the future generations.

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