"We’ve done work here which shows that people, frankly, when there aren’t other pressures, like to live within a comfort zone which is defined by racial sameness.

"People feel happier if they’re with people who are like themselves. But the question is: what does "like themselves" mean?"


Comment: "like themselves" = sameness = birds of a feather (this is English not gibberish). Is anything wrong when people feel like being amongst their own kind and yet be a part of the multi-ethnic Britain? The largest and the most ancient true melting pot India is exemplary in this. It has NEVER imposed its values upon any immigrant cultures but has always absorbed them and learnt from them.


East Africa was another, I am not certain of other parts of the Earth. But ‘integration’ (unlike Idi Amin’s idiotic notion of inter-marriage between Asians and Africans not Africans & Whites) does not mean living in each others pockets. One can retain one’s individuality, religion, dress, outlook, diet, code of conduct and yet be an integral part of the wider multi-ethnic society.


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  1. sillygloop

    Attitudes have to change…not clothes nor language.

  2. sweeti's

    well Anant  The things that makes me happier!!!! Here are some
    Being with ppl with other backgrounds  other skin color…
    other religion, an other way of life  Its so interesting and i feel VERY happy with these contacts…
    Life is not just that lil place around us,,always the same ppl
    No the world  is great  we have to enjoy each other..
    But helas     some ppl think different…..

  3. Anant M

    Vijay & Marij
    You’re both right. That’s the ideal balance that any decent human would want to attain no matter he/she lives. But look at the full report on Burnley Race Riots
    and you will soon realise what divides Minority Ethnic Communities – their values and attitudes ingrained by their elders. Simple as that. If they THINK for themselves rationally – they will not behave like they do.

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