100 million baby girls’ gendercide in China & India

The only word for it is “gendercide” says The Economist. The ancient [irrational, illogical & idiotic] preference for sons coupled with smaller nuclear families is leading to gendercide of millions of female foetuses and bay girls.

Once it was achieved by neglect or murder. But ultrasound scans have made it easy for people to abort female foetuses.  In 1990 it was estimated that this bias had costed the lives of 100 million girls and the toll has risen steeply.

In China and Northern India 120 boys for 100 girls are now born. In some areas the ratio is as high as 130:100. China alone risks have ‘bare branches’ or childless males as the entire population of young males in America. The imbalance has devastating implications.

Despite the status of women in Hindu society has ever been at equal level as compared all other cultures, the negative influences of Moghuls and British, French and Portuguese marauders of the most ancient Vedic civilisation has left this blight both in India and China.

The West doesn’t need to worry about this imbalance as more Chinese are now marrying white girls leaving more white males as ‘bare branches’ in competition. Indians will have to resort to similar behaviours given that the institution of marriage in the West has declined as steeply.

Females of any colour seek permanence and stability – emotional and financial both of which are in abundance within Eastern cultures.

This is an anti-dote to the article in The Economist.

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