Hung parliament looms as Tory support crumbles

Hung parliament looms as Tory support crumbles

With lucky 13 [+ – 3]% for others like Independents – the field is open wide for the very first time in the entire electoral history of Britain.

My only hope is the electorate think & vote both with their heads and their hearts. The opportunity to change the electoral and political governance is here.

Please seize it.

27/02/2010 Tory Conference before the Gen Election – David Cameron’s First & Gordon Brown’s First

Tories reveal six themes to contest general election on \’Change\’

“Vote for Change” is the Conservative election slogan. Up against Labour’s “A future fair for all”.
The party faithful are meeting at the spring conference in Brighton, after a difficult week in which the poll lead on Labour narrowed consistently to between seven and five per cent.
Amid reports of crisis meetings between George Osborne, Andy Coulson and Steve Hilton this week some have been calling for a change in strategy.
The powerful web activist Tim Montgomerie issued his own plan, which included calls for the party to go on the front foot over popular issues such as immigration.
However David Cameron has rejected all this with a fairly blunt message on his weekly Webcameron video address, saying the Conservative party will stick to the agenda he was elected to lead on.
  • Act now on debt to get the economy moving
  • Get Britain working by boosting enterprise
  • Make Britain the most family-friendly country in Europe
  • Back the NHS
  • Raise standards in schools
  • Change politics

Tories’ stories – pervasive incompetence – just façade « Anant M Vyas

These are just hypes and spins without substance. They know that any one winning will be knee even body deep in s**t perpetrated by New Labour.  Any proposals by any one winning will have to address the corruption and selfish culture in Banks and Financial Services.

Laissez-faire economics is the belief that economic imbalances are self-correcting, not requiring intervention by government so long as the equal rights of individuals are respected. The Laissaz-faire principle is also referred to as the principle of Spontaneous Order or the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace. This Tories’ trump card had has flopped – disastrously. Without incisive and decisive intervention – FFF All – isn’t going to fair to any one except the spinners.

At present 84% of Royal Bank of Scoundrels is public owned and is still vying for obscene bonuses despite the public outrage. What would be the regulating body if the conditions were not as dire?

Tories say it is ‘broken Britain’ – there is no such thing as the family. So without first reinstating a stable family, how the hell are these magicians going to make GB PLC the most family friendly country in the Europe?

We all back the NHS. It is how it is managed or mismanaged by the DoH of the Govt of the day makes the NHS what it is today. Labour have poured in billions without any change. Tories are going to cut billions without any improvement. The public move from one cycle and the other.

To get any change the public have got to think hard and elect not Westminster wallys but graduates from the University of Life.

Education had been rogered since 1944 Education Act and many generations have been sacrificed at the cost both the individuals and also to the GB PLC by losing the competitive edge in the Global Economic Market. I have been hankering about this stupidity since 1980s as a Chairman of First School Governors in Milton Keynes [during Thatcher Years] but to no avail. Now the Labour have just woken up to the fact that English, Maths & Science are crucial to reinstating UK’s Global competence. My daughters’ generation has been sacrificed by these experimenting nincompoops.

That is why I say that ‘common sense’ is very uncommon.

Finally – Change Politics? How? Tories have opted not to change the electoral system and the current system of the Parliament & the House of Lords. They have opted to retain the Whip system and the lobbyist’s corrupting influences.

Since my Independent stand in 2005, only now they have found a tiny space to include BAME candidates only to influence the BAME communities and not to truly include of service them.

It has decided to do nothing about the out-of-control immigration issue so as not to ‘upset’ BAME communities!

I am from that BAME community and I am saying that the Govt has to grasp the nettle on out-of-control immigration.

Your choice - Forces of Hell or the hail-fel·low-well-met of Tory Toshers

28/02/2010 David Cameron claims he has a ‘duty’ to oust Brown

when the poll of the day states Brown on his way to win as the difference between Labour & Tories is about 2%.

“We cannot carry on like this” – I am Browned-off – I have a duty too, to oust all the Westminster Villagers.

The fresh — and not so fresh — faces of the Tory diversity facelift

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